How to customize your blogger for adult contents

Customize Blogger for Adult Contents

If you are running an adult blogspot blog. Google will not prefer it unless you won’t do some  setting in your blog. since search engines don’t want to give same rule and regulations for all contents. so if you have adult contents like escorts blogs, adult pics and stories or any thing, you must need to make some changes according to blogging tips. if you will not follow these setting, your blog will be deleted when ever google crawler will come and see your content.. it is recommended to bloggers not to put adult contents in blogger blog and if they are doing they have to customize the settings for the safety of Internet.
after clicking an adult blog reader will see a warning message as shown in fig.

Warning message for Adult content in a blog

This warning message will take away from the blog if they don’t wanna enter. You must  set up these settings for an adult blog.

How to customize :
1. Go to your blogger Dashboard.
2. Click on setting
3. Click on other
4.Change Adult content option from no to yes.(You will do only if ur blog contains Adult content)
5. click on save.

setting for adult blogger blogs

6. You have done the setting for your u don’t need to be worry for your blog deletion.
Advantage :
1. Good for readers to show them a warning message regarding the content
2. Google will not harm your blog.


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