List of all Facebook shortcuts – Facebook shortcut keys

Hello friends, I hope you are doing well. today I wanna share some useful tips for you which will help you while you spend your time on facebook. Facebook is one of the most preferable social site in the world and that is why facebook users spend much more time since it has variety of interesting features. Using facebook key shorcuts will not only save your time but also using facebook will be more interesting.
I am providing you an image with all shortcut keys and also all the shortcuts has been written in the text format below. so depending upon your convenience you can copy the image or text in your computers drive.

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Alt+m Or (Shift+Alt+m) = New Message

Alt+? Or (Shift+Alt+?) = Search Box

Or (Shift+Alt+0) = Help Center

Or (Shift+Alt+1) = Home Page

Or (Shift+Alt+2) = Profile Page

Alt+3 Or (Shift+Alt+3) = Manage Friend List

Alt+4 Or (Shift+Alt+4) = Message List

Alt+5 Or ( Shift+Alt+5) = Notification Page

Alt+6 Or (Shift+Alt+6) = Account Settings

Alt+7 Or ( Shift+Alt+7) = Privacy Settings

Alt+8 Or (Shift+Alt+8) = Facebook Fan Page

Alt+9 Or (Shift+Alt+9) = Facebook Terms

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