GetResponse Vs iContact: Choosing the Best Email Marketing Tool

When it comes to success of any business, branding and marketing plays a crucial role, no matter the business is offline or online. Business promotion is the necessity of business to meet the present day cut throat competition. A business needs to be a step ahead of its competitor in order to outrage it. Email marketing had come up as one of the most fabulous ways to improve sales by keeping in touch with the potential clients. Email marketing lets you to send frequent mails about the offers and updates in your products and market them in an efficient manner.

There are plenty of tools to help you out in carrying successful email marketing campaigns for your business. GetResponse and iContact are the most effective tools to aid any business with their quality services. You can send regular newsletters to your customers and at the same time can track his/her potential growth. Let us learn more about these fabulous email marketing tools.

GetResponse vs iContact: Comparison

We have discussed about some of the best classy features of both these promising tools. You can have a brief on both of them and decide which one is the best for your business.

GetResponse: A brief Introduction

GetResponse has established its authority over the other email marketing tools. Most of the business owners choose and recommend this tool for effective promotion through newsletters. The phenomenal eye catchy design of newsletters is what loved by the users the most. Moreover, GetResponse if flooded with useful features that may turn out to be handy for users of all types. Report delivery, Spam filtering, social media integration, and Google Analytics integration is what loved by most of the users.


Top Notch Features of GetResponse

Most of the people applaud the eminent bounty of features of GetResponse tool. We have reviewed few of its prominent features and had described them for you. Have a brief about them.

  • Design & Usability: GetResponse offers a big 1GB image hosting to every user opting for its package. The provided space is relatively higher than most of the email marketing tools. The best part is that more than 350templates can be accessed and edited using WYSIWYG editor. It aids you with easy drag and drop options. These templates can be selected with single click. So do not hesitate to choose the best template for your email newsletter. You can even integrate your Facebook or Twitter page to the newsletter.


  • Contact Management:You will have to copy paste the contact list if you do not have GetResponse’ premium account. Using premium account, one can easily download the spreadsheet for contact list as CSV file. The bounces and unsubscribes are filtered automatically from this contact list.
  • Auto-Responder: Welcoming the subscriber who has just signed in should be the most ethical thing that every business should follow. For this, Auto-responder system of GetResponse play a vital role as it allows to great the newly signed user automatically with a welcome note.
  • Spam Filter:The spam filter tool of GetResponse is named at ‘SpamCop’ that allows you to catch the spammy words that might be blocked by spam filter of email provider of your client. So, you can easily check and edit these words through the suggestions provided by this tool.
  • Reports:The full tracking of email newsletter you send to your clients can be efficiently done. You can easily look how many of your subscribers unsubscribe the emails, marked it spam, opened it, and can also check top performing links. Google Analytics can also be integrated to it to get more accurate data.

iContact: A BriefIntroduction

iContact is another fabulous tool that is used by business to improve customer relationship through email newsletters. It keeps the customers of your business well informed about the latest updates and announcements made along with product launches or any other valuable information that you wish to share. People love the variety of major features it offers to them at a really affordable cost.iContact can turn out to be an ideal choice for you if you wish t grow your business.


Top Notch Features of iContact

Most of the people applaud the eminent bounty of features of GetResponse tool. We have reviewed few of its prominent features and had described them for you. Have a brief about them.

  • Design & Usability: iContact offers just 5MB image hosting space like most of the email marketing companies are providing. You can easily select the best template for your email newsletter from the list of more than 600 templates and can also edit them using drag & drop WYSIWYG editor. Customizing the template is really easy. Social media accounts can be linked to email newsletters to direct the viewers to your social media feeds.



  • Contact Management:You can easily download mailing list of contacts in both free and paid versions of this tool. The bounces and unsubscribes get deleted automatically from the list making it clean & organized.
  • Auto-Responder: Welcome notes for the newly signed user can be scheduled so that a message can be sent to that user at an instant. This puts a nice impact on user.
  • Spam Filter:The spammy words that might be present inside you email can be filtered out by iContact’s spam tool. It finds the spam words that might be blocked by spam filter of email provider of your customer and allows you to edit them too.
  • Reports:The newsletter you send to your customers can be traced properly. The number of bounces, unsubscribes, clicks and performance of these newsletters can be tracked properly.

GetResponse vsiContact: Pricing

The minimum package starts at $15/month for every 1000 subscribers at GetResponse. The minimum package at iContact starts at $14/month for evry 500 subscribers. However, you can use the trial packages of both these tools for free for 30 days.




Surely, GetResponse has an upper hand over iContact when we talk about the services offered at budget price. GetResponse is offering services to 1000 subscribers at just $15 while it is $14 when comes to iContact. Pricing is the serious concern for most of the users and this is why most of them choose to go with services of GetResponse.


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