Google Rolls out Panda 4.1 update – Google’s 27th Panda update

Panda 4.1 update to fight against more thin content

Hi Guys, Google has recently announced its 27th Panda update which is a filtered technique to penalized thin or poor content from the search results. According to sources, the search results will be vary from 3 to 5 percent.
The Games and Lyrics websites like, and is the big losers in the list of effected sites. there are also some big name of sites like and but these two sites have done migration to new Urls so the drop in SEO visibility may be down because of the url migration.

Google Panda 4.1 Update

There some sites dealing with Medical issues are also affected from the Google’s 27th Panda update.

New in this panda’s 27th Update :

This time Google is more strict to show only high quality content sites in the search results. the sites having poor Content, is penalized. This Panda’s update will definitely help to Small and Medium scaled size having great contents. which is nice!

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According to Loren Baker from SEJ:

This new Panda algorithmic update reinforces the fact that Google is not a fan of thin content and that crawl efficiency along with serving clear and direct data messages to Google are becoming more important than ever.
Specializing XML sitemaps, trimming back on thin content and making sure that you are serving Google exactly what they need with minimal effort expended on part of Google-bot needs to be a huge emphasis. More so, also making sure that even in XML sitemaps, crawl priority is properly defined, and old content is not recrawled unless there is specific reason.

Final Words : The penalized sites search queries is effected up to 5%. for the betterment of sites be more concentrate on Quality content. Thank You.

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