How to Verify facebook page officially

Hello friends last week one of a page for which i do SMO is verified by Facebook so i decided to share with you the steps i follow to let you know How this page become a Facebook verified page. Facebook has been introduced a great feature to the page to show that it is verified or not. as we all know that there are n number of pages for a popular brand, celebrity or Government officials etc.  so to let people know the original  page, it is a great step taken by Facebook to make it clear that which one is the official fb page. A verified page has a blue tick mark just after the page name as shown below.Recommended Post : Manage Multiple Facebook accounts in Google chrome

Facebook verified Page

What is Facebook Verified page

A Facebook verification is to show the official representation of that particular that the people can understand the difference among the pages with same name. To know whether a page is officially verified page or not we can see the Blue color tick badge just after the page name.

 Which type of Fb pages must be verified ?

Although there is  request form from facebook is provided where you can go and claim to get your page verified but before that you can take some steps as i did for my page and got verified. you just need to maintain certain rules. Please note that your page must come under any of the following categories –

  1. Popular Brand
  2. Popular Business
  3. Player
  4. Politician
  5. Actor
  6. journalist
  7. Government Official

Steps to get a Facebook page or profile verified

To get your page verified you need to do some simple steps which are as follows –

  • Your Profile/page must have some popularity since Facebook only verify popular brand, celebrity etc.
  • You must need to give proper information in the about section of a page. try to fill  all the required information with accuracy
  • Link your page to the official website and also Link the website to your Facebook page.
  • Go to and request them to get your page verified.

After doing the above process you just wait for a few months your page will be automatically verified by Facebook. if you have any query don’t forget to ask me in the comment Section. Thanq….

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