Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts in Google Chrome

Hello all, We all own different Facebook accounts  with different purposes. I have more than five Facebook accounts. One is for Business work, one is for social sharing and promotion, One is for my friend circle etc. It is not a good idea to remember all those id passwords and enter those id passwords always when there is need. We have option to save those id passwords in an Extension so there will not be any need to Enter those information again and again while logging in.
Have a look : List of All Facebook Shortcut keys.

How to Manage More than One Fb accounts in Google Chrome

We will use a Chrome extension to do our work. Please follow the simple steps –
  • Install the FbQuickLogin Extension from Chrome
  • After adding Click on the Extension
  • Go to setting page and add your all Facebook accounts by entering ids and Passwords.
Add all facebook accounts in extension
Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts in Chrome
  • Finally Click on save.

How to use FB QUICK LOGIN Extension to operate Multiple Facebook Accounts

All you need is to just click on the FB Quick Login Icon from the right top side in the Google Chrome browser. You will see your all saved Facebook accounts with Name. Click on any Facebook account you want to access. You will not ask to enter Facebook Id and password this time. Have Fun and don’t hesitate to ask to me if you having any query.

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