How to Rank Top in Google

Does it really matter if a website is not showing at top positions in Google? The primary focus of any blog/website is to rank good on focus Keywords. To rank a Website or blog in top positions in Google, We need to do On-page as well as Off-Page SEO. There are many things to consider if you want to show your website in good positions. Now I would like to start the discussion with On-Page SEO.

However it is not mandatory, but if you purchase a domain with one Keyword, It is seen that websites perform better.




ON-Page SEO tips for better SERP

On-page optimization is one of the most important activities required to rank a website. Here are some of the important activities –

Always use light Templates/Themes: The Website loading time should be perfect. That means a website should not load too slow.

Page/Post url : A page or post url in a blog should have keyword targeted address. Means if you want to rank for Top Volleyball Clinics, you should create the url like

Create Sitemap: To access a website by Google bots in a quick time, you need to create and submit an XML sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools.

Remove 301/404 errors: A website should not have broken links. You need to check it online and then you can fix it.

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Optimize Heading Tags:  Friends this is important. Don’t use h1 tag more than once in a web page. However you can use h2 tags more than one. You need to put h1 tag on the most important heading which is according to your targeted Keyword.

Content Optimization: Your Web pages should be interlinked. You need to put links over the words. The links should be meaningful and from same website. The content should be of 400+ Words and the Keyword stuffing should be from 2 to 3 %.

Meta Tags and Descriptions: Hmm this one is very important. You have to put title tag under 55 characters and Description under 155 characters. However you should know that Google results are limited by pixels instead of characters limit but the above limitations are recommended. Also don’t forget to use Alt & Title Tags on the images.

How to write Title and Description – You should use Long tail Keywords for example if you want to get rank for Social Bookmarking Sites, Instead of writing only Social Bookmarking Sites, you can go with do-follow Social Bookmarking Sites List or Updated Social Bookmarking Sites 2015. Also you should use Keywords in Description. It is recommended that you should write the description from 130 to 155 Characters.

Use Robots.txt: You should use robots.txt file if you don’t want to rank any web page.

So friends, these are important On-page SEO tricks which should be done over any web page.


Off-Page SEO tips for better SERP

Now when you complete the above step, you complete 50% of SEO. Based on Keyword difficulty, you need to do Off-page Optimizations. There are so many activities in off page SEO. If you don’t have much time for promotion, I will recommend you to share the urls on some top Social Bookmarking sites and Online Communities. If you are serious about performance, you should go for these important off-Page activities.

Social Bookmarking – Social Bookmarking is among the most important SEO activities. You need to open top Social Bookmarking Websites, and submit the links. It is recommended to fill the website address in each social bookmarking profile. Also try to like and comment on other submissions in Bookmarking Sites.

Blog Commenting – This activity is used for great online presence. With Blog commenting, Bloggers know about your Blog/Website. This technique is recommended for instant traffic too.

Article & PR Submission – Article submission is among safest SEO activities. You can build quality backlinks for your site. Article Submission Sites are used for regular submissions however Press release submissions are done for new services or products.

Document Submission – You can create PPT or Word document for your website or product and you can submit over High Pr Document Submission Sites for maximum benefits. Try to add links in the Content.

Image & Video Submissions – Image or Video submission is a good way to engage customers. You scan submit the beautiful Images to top Image sharing sites and also you can submit the Videos to high pr Video submission Sites. Don’t forget to add link as you are promoting an url. In Image Submissions you can fetch Images from Urls and in that case there is no need to write urls.

Online communities – Sharing your article over some online communities is good. You can use the communities like Indiblogger for better results. Also you should use Google Plus communities and Facebook groups for better results.

Local Listings – If your website represents a local Business, you should submit your Business over top Local Submission websites. This process will lead to bring potential customers to your Website.

Classified SubmissionsClassified Submission Websites are used to submit ad to target local customers. You should write quality content for better results.

Q&A – You can put questions and give answers over n numbers of Q&A sites. You are recommended to put your website address in source part so that you can get the maximum benefits.

Forum Submission – Forum websites are great discussing platforms. You can participate in forum sites for awesome results. You are recommended to use the sites in efficient manner as we see several of users caught in Spamming.

Guest Blogging – This is a great way to get quality backlink from popular blogs. You need to write a descriptive article for other high pr blog. Your blog and profiles will get direct do-follow backlink from your post.

Final Words – SEO is not a cup of tea for everyone. You need to do the steps in a proper way to rank a website at top positions. The above steps are sufficient for great results. You are recommended to use the tips in better way so that you can get the great results. I hope this will be very helpful for you. Have a nice day!


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