How to Report to Google to remove your content from a website


Hello friends m back with a new tutorial. Its all about protecting your blog article for being stolen  by other people to there blog/website.we often see some Bloggers/website owners (Specially Newbies) used to copy contents from other websites. This is not good for either of you and if that website owner will report to google your website may be completely Ignored by Google for being Indexing. So I will recommend you not to post any other website’s content on your blog or website. and also you should check for plagiarism (Duplicant contents).

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How to check for Duplicant Articles (Plagiarism) for your website :

report to google for duplicate content
Don’t copy contents

one should occasionally check for his/her websites to make sure that articles are not copied to other websites. if one post’s article content is being matched by other content of your website, you should immediately modify the contents so that there should not be same content on both the posts. SMALL SEO TOOLS and COPYSCAPE are the two most popular websites to check articles duplicacy. You just have to go to any of the website. Small seo tools is used check duplicacy of a article whereas Copycape can be used for entire article.these websites will show the exact address where your content is copied.

Report to Google to Remove the Content :

After successful checking of your sites if you find your entire article or a portion of your article is on others website then simply complain to Google. all you need to go to the following link Google official Content removing Page.  after opening the given link just follow the simple instructions step by step.Once Google see your authority for the Content, It will be removed from that Blog/website.

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