Top 10 High Paying Google AdSense Alternatives for Bloggers

What do you think about AdSense?

Every blogger and digital marketer knows that AdSense is the best company for advertisers as well for publishers. But all publishers are not lucky only a few get AdSense approved, and some of them got AdSense banned. That leads them to search for best AdSense alternatives. As we know an ad company runs on shoulders of “advertisers” & “publishers”. But still it’s the realty that every ads company starts with “advertisers”.

How many times you have applied for AdSense? I think you can’t even remember that numbers {right?} But I have something special for all you novice knowledge grabber magnets out there. To be honest there is no alternative ofAdSense but have many choices to choose from wide range of networks that are available in online market.

But still we believe that “something is better than nothing”.

If you are one of them who are not using Google AdSense or didn’t get approval from them then you are at right place because we have compiled a list of top 10 Google AdSense alternatives. One more thing before starting, it is legal to use these networks along with AdSense. So,let’s dive in depth.

Here is my list of 10 best Google AdSense alternatives.



Yes, self-service ad network {built for publisher} It is the best platform made for publishers and easy-to-use embedded with great internal features. This company has high payouts more local/global reach with an impressive influence on publishers.


Small side ads, pop-ups, sliders, video optimized ad, and annotation for mobile reach and desktop user influence. They are also best in customer support with 24*7 accesses. They work for users. Thus, they are depended on to provide real-time value to users.

Minimum Payout: $5 for PayPal, $5 for Payoneer prepaid card and $300 for Wire transfer.


If you are still not convinced to join itthen you are missing a big deal believe me.

2) is another good alternative for AdSense powered by Yahoo and Bing. It is contextual ad system which has customization ad unit which fits your site’s side bar. A fascinating thing about them is their tagline“Minimize effort maximizes revenue”.



Bidvertiser is a pay per click advertising site that could be a great AdSense alternative for you if you got banned or didn’t approve by AdSense. The working system for this network is different because they put your website in front of advertiser and it will be like an auction. The highest payout win. Minimum payout: $20 for PayPal.

4). Infolinks


Infolinks is pretty much different from all another ad network because they show ads differently they don’t take any space to your website. They offer 4 types of ads: – In fold, in thetext, in theframe, in thetag. Minimum payout is $50. You can give a try and see your results since for some niche they work great and some for not. So give a try and don’t forget to share your result with us. I love to know from our readers.

5). Adversal


It is also known as abestAdSense alternative regarding serving ads. It has high CTR and works with different language. But they have a condition of monthly page view of 50,000 to apply their network. So if you are getting massive traffic to your website, then don’t forget to give a try to Adversal. Minimum payout is $20

6). Viglink


It hasa totally different reach from all other ad networks. They have the capability to convert the normal link into anaffiliate link. If someone purchased something using your link, then you will receive acommission for that. Suppose if you have a post on your blog about Lenovo PC then it will automatically convert your link or text into anaffiliate link.

7). Chitika


If you are really getting tired up again and again by filling form for Google AdSense then give it a try. You will get definitely get approval from them. But if you don’t receive any response from them, pick their email from Contact Us page and shoot an email to them. They will give response soon and approve your account. Chitika is best AdSense alternative especially for them who have US organic traffic so if you have massive organic traffic, doesn’t forget to give a try with Chitika. I am sure you will love this and will thank meJ. It offers 3 types of ads: search targeted ads, mobile targetedads and local ads.

8). Adengage


It is an online network for publishers to sell direct ads. They are the company which is based on one ad code model for PC & Mobiles. Since arrival, it has received 1.2 trillion ads. Minimum payout: $20.

9). Kontera


This ad network is as same as Infolinks. Whenever you hover you mouse to hyperlinked text it will show pop-ups. It also offers ads for video and images and all ads are based on pay per click model. Whenever you add in text ads on your site at that time make sure that you are not giving you reader’s full text filled with ads only.

10). Adcash


Adcash is another good AdSense alternative. It was founded in 2007. Adcash offers services upto 249+ countries, and it supports mobile and computer both, this is what I like about Adcash. It offers high-quality ads. You don’t need to massive traffic to get approve with Adcash. Minimum Payout:  €100 for PayPal, €100 for Payoneer prepaid card and €100 for Wire transfer.

Expert tip: – If you ask me for any alternative then I will only recommend you Kajamba.

Because I have been with them from last few months but the friendly environment and full user support they have provided me are outstanding.

If you have a great desire to change your income sources with a better alternative, then go with Kajamba.

Which ad network you are using? I would love to hear about your experience withAdSense and other networks. As I have given you alist of best AdSense alternatives with their excellent features. They all are best alternatives of AdSenserecommend by most of the online entrepreneurs. They are all experienced campaigner in their respective field, and they also ensure quality over quantity. If you are still thinking about them, then I have only one sentence for you that are “stop thinking start taking actions.” If you enjoyed this short knowledgeable talk, then do share it and keep the comment box buzzing.

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