What is Url shortener and How to use it using google url Shortener

What is url Shortener:

Hi every body, How are you ? Today we will discuss another about a popular seo word “Url Shortener“. Actually we need every thing in short form. we often see Many of our blog posts url become to large and hence it looks like lenthy. what woud be if the post url will be shorted just for use ?? I guess your answer is yes. M  I right??? ok . let me explain the exact meaning of Url Shortener. I recommend you to see the image given below :
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what is url shortener
Google url shorteneer

here you are seeing that i have put my blog url in the left side.then after i clicked on the shorten url. you can see in right area, there is a new short url. which can be used for your all purposes. it looks unique and also it will be beneficial for you if you donot want to show your exact url. some times people use this tactics to make a post look different and unique. you can use url shortener by clicking on the link below:

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