On Page SEO Tips for WordPress Websites

If you are using wordpress website for your business, you have done really well. Because of a range of customization options and SEO features, WordPress websites are leader to get ranked quicker compared to the websites build in other CMS.  Its really quick and easy to optimize wordpress websites by using verities of plugins.

The main purpose behind creating a Business website is to get quality leads through search engines right? But how one can get leads online? To get indexed your website in Google organic searches, We need to get website on-page optimized and then off-page SEO helps website get better ranking in SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page)

Importance of doing On-Page SEO

A quality On-Page SEO helps websites to get indexed by search engines. It helps search engine’s crawlers to easily understand about website content topic additionally, you can optimize your website targeting top keywords to target get volume of traffic.

On-Page SEO tips for WordPress Websites

Add proper Title & Headings – You can use Google Keyword Planner tool to get a list of top keywords and then you can use proper Title and Headings. Remember, you need to put one h1 tag on each page and h2 and lower headings can be used more than once.

Use hyphens in Urls – Prefer to use hyphens in urls instead of using underscores.

Optimize Content – Content optimization is a necessary activity to perform for better SEO. Use LSI keywords in the content to avoid same keywords multiple times. Interlinking is the key for content relevancy. You can use images, videos in the text for the better results. Content is the king so its really recommended to use high quality of contents. Use no-follow for all external links in your website.

Add Meta Tags – If you add meta tags on each page/post, that gives you extra advantage. WordPress have feature to add plugins and you can use some important plugins like “Yoast” or “All in One” to add meta tags in a better way.

Optimize all Images – Make sure you have added alt tags, title tag and a short description on each image.

Create Sitemap – Its needed to create sitemap for your website. Again, you can use plugins to do this job. If you have installed yoast plugin, you can enable sitemap functionalities.

Install Webmaster Tools – Install Google and Bing Webmaster tools and don’t forget to submit sitemap.

Fix 404 error – Fix 404 errors present with your website. Make broken links fixed and make a good 404 page for your website for better usabilty.

Take care of duplicity issue – Delete or use canonical tags on duplicate pages. Try not to use copied text on your website for good performance of your website.

Make Permalinks SEO Optimized – It is necessary to use optimized permalinks in sites posts and pages. You can go to Setting>>Permalinks>>Post Name