WordPress Vs. Drupal which is better?

When you have to perform better on the internet, you take every step cautiously while building your website. Choosing a best platform to your website is a thing of future convenience, you need to estimate your future needs and then conclude to the one, which seems best for you. Since people have to edit or add contents and photos to their website continuously, it has become trendy that people choose those platforms that allow such things without any specific knowledge of programming.


Content Management System (CMS), is a multifunctional program that helps to create a powerful website. It needs a hosting service to function properly. WordPress and Drupal are among most popular CMS that people usually choose.

Drupal as Content Management System

  •  Drupal is free: when you talk about cost-effectiveness, Drupal goes affordably. As for many other CMS charges significant amount monthly or yearly. On the other hand, Drupal is entirely free without any hidden charges.
  • High profile clients, usually choose Drupal: Whether it is The White House, Warner Bros. Records, French Government, 2016 Rio Olympics, University of Oxford or Tesla Motors, all are Drupal websites.
  • Extensive API Support: When choosing a specific CMS you need to know what are the out-of-box supports are available. As far as, Application Programming Interface is concern Drupal offers a huge number of them: Google apps, sugar CRM for Drupal, salesforce, facebook, twitter, AdSense, MailChimp and many others.
  • Flexibility and SEO-friendly: as most of the CMS offers narrow frameworks and customs coding, Drupal offer highly usable environments. It is suitable for almost every kind of websites. On the other hand, Drupal websites are SEO responsive.

WordPress as Content Management System:

  •  Community Support: Numerous materials can be found for troubleshooting of WordPress website. If you face any kind of problem in your WordPress website then you can find many resources on the internet to solve the problem, as millions of people are using and supporting it.
  • Customizable: You can find thousands of free themes and customize it to make unique and eye-catching. You can also hire a professional who can design and personalize your website.

Free: Both WordPress and Drupal are free, with no string attached. Moreover, there are thousands of free plug-ins to use. WordPress is best for beginners who are putting their first website and want to keep the costs down.

Both Drupal and WordPress are suitable for different situations. Wordpress is popular and widely used because it is suitable for beginners and budget limited website, while Drupal has a larger scale, it provides enough stability and extensions for having a powerful and flexible website.

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